Using IFrames

The Component SDK provides an iframe adapter package that can bridge communication from a UI Component to an embedded iframe. This allows for a broad amount of options when it comes to your preferred framework or tooling for building web applications.


  • Not all of the Component Context API properties and methods are available for use with the iframe adapter. This can have one of two reasons:
    • Some methods are incompatible, because the iframe adapter communicates using postMessage, which brings limitations because the message events are asynchronous and serialized.
    • Some properties or methods are not supported because we currently believe they are not likely to be used within the context of an iframe. They may be developed in later releases of the IXON Component SDK.
  • An application that is embedded in an iframe cannot (by itself) escape the bounds of the iframe container.
  • Even though UI Component files are all cached, we don't recommend using iframes for components that are used with the "card" application type, because it may slow down the loading performance.
  • An iframe will not have have access to the CSS variables or fonts that are used by the platform.

Quick setup guides

The guides below provide instructions for setting up a workspace for a specific framework and integrates the Component SDK to embed the application via an iframe in a UI Component.