Installation guide

UI Components target the web platform and are developed using Node.js tooling. In order to develop UI Components, you’ll need the following dependencies.

Core requirements

In order to develop UI components, Node.js is required. You can install Node by using the instruction on the Node.js website. It is recommended to use Node.js 18 or newer.

Once you have installed Node.js, open your terminal of choice and type in the following command to make sure Node.js is properly installed

node --version
# v18.3.0

Recommended software

It is recommended to use a code editor or IDE that understands HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for example Microsoft Visual Studio Code or WebStorm.

Installing the CDK

The Component Development Kit (CDK) is a tool that helps you develop and deploy UI Components. It lets you generate starter components, simulate your component for development purposes and lets you deploy and publish your component.

The CDK is preconfigured in the Component Workspace. Run the following command in a directory to initialize a new UI Component application.

npx degit ixoncloud/component-workspace my-project
cd my-project
npm install

The “components” folder contains the code for your UI Components. The file cdk.config.json contains the configuration for the workspace, how components are build and should be deployed.

You are now ready to create your first UI Component.