Sharing UI Components

If you've made a UI Component you want to be used by other companies, you can either share your component directly with other companies, or submit your app to the Marketplace.



If a third party is hired to develop the UI Component, it might be undesirable that they are given a role with Manage apps enabled in a company account that is used for production. A better solution is to create a separate company account, where the third party has full access, and afterward share the UI Component with the company account that is used for production.


Sharing UI Components can't be done from the portal, but can be done with our API. You can share a UI Component to another company with the PageComponentTemplateShare resource. If your UI Component is linked to a Cloud Function, you can directly share the app via the admin in the apps page. The company the app is shared with, will need to enable the app in the apps page.

Submitting to the Marketplace

If you want your UI Component to be usable by all IXON customers, you can send a request via the webform. Once we have received your submission, one of our product managers will reach out to you for next steps.