Add a username to a request for logging and auditing

It is possible to add a username to every request. This username is stored in the audit logs, so it can later be requested.

In order to have this functionality the Api-From header needs to be used with all requests. When this header is set, it triggers the creation of an audit log entry. The value of the Api-From header will be saved in the audit log.

This example is for a request that patches the company name.

curl --request PATCH \
     --url "<<url>>:443/api/companies/me" \
     --header 'Api-Version: 2' \
     --header "Api-Sector: $sector_id" \
     --header "Api-Application: $application_id" \
     --header "Api-Company: $company_id" \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --header "Api-From: $user" \
     --data '{"name":"New company name"}'

This would result in the following audit log entry:

    "action": "UPDATE",
    "request": {
        "fromName": "$user"