Differences between the APIs

As the architecture of the platform exists out of multiple components, the API follows that structure.

There are 3 different APIs within our platform enabling different kind of functionality:

General API

The general API is concentrated around the general functions of the IXON Cloud. The API is used for setting up a device, inviting users, maintaining companies and setting up datasources.

The General API is currently in its first version and has frequent updates. The changelog shows the recent changes to the General API. The releases are all backwards compatible.

In order to work with the General API start reading here.

Logger Storer Interface (LSI)

The LSI (Logging Storer Interface) server of the IXON Cloud is used for storing and retrieving
Cloud Logging data. These values are stored in a time series-specific database and may be
requested as raw values or manipulated before returning.


Different Headers

In order to use the LSI API a different Bearer token authentication step is necessary. The steps are described at the LSI Headers page of the Cloud Logging.

VPN Client API

The VPN Client runs as a daemon (on Linux or macOS) or as a service (on Windows) in the background of a computer and contains a lightweight web server that listens to requests on port 9250. Your browser uses a REST API and a WebSocket to communicate with the VPN Client. For example, to send a connect request which instructs the VPN Client to connect to a certain IXrouter or IXagent.

The VPN Client can be seen as a mediator between an application and the IXON Cloud and can setup a connection on behalf of the application, without the need to be privy to the technical details involved in creating a secure connection to a device. The REST API and WebSocket that the IXON Cloud uses are also available to 3rd party applications and opens up a myriad of possibilities.

For a detailed overview of the API please continue here.

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Differences between the APIs

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